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We belive that Mr. Boyko holds Greek passport with the name Oleg Poikis
and Italian passport with the name Oleg Boyko

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International Sanctions on Oleg Boyko

🇦🇺 Australia (No. 149)

🇨🇦 Canada (No. 731)

🇺🇦 Ukraine

Draft Red Notice Application Form, June 28, 2019

Family Name:BOYKO
Date of birth:28/09/64 Sex: Male
Place of birth:Russia
Nationalities:Russia (Confirmed)
Languages spoken:Russian
Regions/Countries likely to be visited:Russia
NCB case reference:CYP/INT/540(257/19)AI
Date:From 01/01/2006 To 31/12/2006
Summary in English:The complainant, Russian National, the owner of the company ORLANDO HEIGHTS LIMITED. The shareholder of the a/m company is the FELDMANS MANAGEMENT (OVERSEAS) LTD, which is also a trustee of the complainant. In 2006 the subject convinced the complainant to be a part of a construction project as an investor. During their cooperation, between years 2006 - 2012 the subject managed to deceive the representative of the company FELDMANS MANAGEMENT (OVERSEAS) LIMITED, to transfer shares of a company belonging to a company of the complainant. Furthermore, during the same time period the subject while he was one of the trustees, by fraud, he managed to dispose property of the trust-fund total worth of 141,430,000 USD. All the above were made without the knowledge and the consent of the complainant.
Action to be taken
Locate and arrest with a view to extradition: Assurances are given that extradition will be sought upon arrest of the person, in conformity with national laws and/or the applicable bilateral and multilateral treaties.
Provisional arrest: This request to be treated as a formal request for provisional arrest, in conformity with national laws and/or the applicable bilateral and multilateral treaties.
Information concerning a Judicial decision 1/1Fugutive wanted for prosecution
Charge(s) on which convicted:1. Stealing of Shares.
2. Trustees fraudulently disposing of trust property.
Law covering the offence(s):1. Chapter 154, Article 255
2. Chapter 154, Article 310 and Article 5(1)(E)(VII)
Maximum penalty possible:10 years imprisonment

Relevant article: AG denies corruption charges

According to Efstathiou, the oligarch avoided questioning for four years, prompting police to issue a Red Notice international arrest warrant, where Boyko became a wanted man in Cyprus.

On June 27, 2023, Oleg Boyko launched a legal action in the District Court of Arizona against this domain name and Alexey Kondratiev for cybersquatting, Mr. Kondratiev denies owning this domain name.

"Boyko v. Kondratiev (2:23-cv-01186-DLR)

Declaration of Alexey Kondratiev

Report of the Select Committee on Intelligence United States Senate on Russian Active Measures Campaigns and Interference in the 2016 U.S. Election
Volume 5, Page 645

Judicial Watch FOIA request, Bruce Ohr (U.S. Associate Deputy Attorney General) email, December 05, 2016

Last Name (English) First Names (English) Last Name (Cyrillic) First Names (Cyrillic) Linked with Who/what Sources/cites/notes
Boyko (Boiko) Oleg Viktorovich Бойко Олег Викторович Trump Tower, Agalarov Finstar, Finstroy, Olbi Concern, Ritzio Entertainment, National Credit Bank, Polnamon, Omteks. EvrazHolding until 2004. Alleged links with Orekhovo and Solntsevo crime groups; Fashion TV stockholder; mystery US partner; prostitute honey‐traps; partner Belotserkovskiy and Miss Universe; Hollywood film producer (money laundering?). Friends in Russian government and special services. Finstar sold Trump Tower apt 63AB, used in Nahman‐Trincher gambling ring, to Elena Trincher. 10Jun16Report

Recently added information

Tick Tock Ventures Ltd., Pronicom Trading Limited, Merkel Business Overseas, S.A., Global America Title Services, LLC, Finstar Management (Overseas) Limited BVI, Miser Development Limited, TradeMarket Networks LP, Veaceslav Platon

Maxim Krippa and Oleg Boyko: Ukrainians demand sanctions against billionaires
The ultimate beneficiary of the VULKAN brand is Russian citizen Oleg Boyko, the owner of the gambling holding Ritzio International Group. GGBet, a Russian project conceived as a bookmaking division of the VULKAN casino, operates through LLC “Bet.ru” in Russia, which, in turn, belongs to the Cypriot Bevita Holding Limited.

Fast loans of North Macedonia also in the hands of oligarchs from "Putin's list
Russian businessman Oleg Viktorovich Boyko, who is on the sanctions list of three countries, for supporting the Russian government that invaded Ukraine, has a company for quick loans in North Macedonia.

The salary scandal. - How the data of the Albanians were bought by the Russians suspected by the Americans of espionage The 57-year-old businessman is on a list of people that US intelligence services consider to have worrisome ties to Russia's government, intelligence and secret services, as well as ties to organized crime.
Those documents establish Boyko's connection with Del Hodges Kimball, who was sentenced to one year in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud scheme related to his online payday company. (link)
They also establish Boyko's connection with Ian Bottomley, Sam Furseth, Yuri Provkin, Garth Self, Pavel Ivlev and corporations Orbitrust, Vivus, Evonik LLC, Быстроденьги, Evergreen International Limited (Bermuda), etc. Full list here. Boyko's name is spelled as "Olig Boycoe" in those documents.

Trump Tower

Russian Tycoon Finds Politics Good Business - The New York Times
Venture Capital on Twitter: Trump personally sold 63A-B to Oleg Boiko
Trump Tower House Arrest For Racketeer
Tall tales from Trump Tower: Gangsters, poker, spying, the Russians are coming
Under Trump, Witness Protection has been infiltrated by the Russian Mafia
House of Trump, House of Putin
Racketeering Trump Tower Resident Moves Back in under House Arrest
Robert C. Williams "Useful Assets" - Page 21
Seth Hettena "Trump / Russia: A Definitive History" - Page 114
Luke Harding "Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win"

From 1982 to 1986, Oleg Viktrovich Boyko, who had been recruited by Arshba as a KGB agent, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) with a degree in radio electronics, worked at the computer center of Moscow State University. Boyko, who had a positive reputation as an agent, was sent to study in the UK and the USA.

(Google translate) from the book В. Попов Ю. Фелышпинский "КГБ играет в шахматы" (KGB plays chess)

Source: Записки бывшего подполковника КГБ: Агентура влияния российского "глубинного государства"

He “danced” the girls only himself and did not share with others.

Connecting Elliott Broidy Related Dots — Offshore and On — Some Russian — Some Not

Suggested Congressional Intelligence Committee Questions for Felix Sater

Exclusive | Man arrested in connection to leaked payslips scandal used to work for Russian billionaire

One of the Arrested for Salaries' Scandal Works for Russian Billionaire - Albanian Daily News

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